134 Commits (master)

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Deukhoofd 012a47c78a
Fixes MoveTurnChoice creating potential invalid types. 7 months ago
Deukhoofd 5187cb994d
Fix ability name not displaying properly anymore 7 months ago
Deukhoofd 4121501a9b
Updates native libraries 7 months ago
Deukhoofd e3f8e7e71c
Make PokemonParty an IReadOnlyList instead of IEnumerable 7 months ago
Deukhoofd 4ce0aa54ea
Implements pkmnlib battle events 7 months ago
Deukhoofd 907e145083
Adds ItemTurnChoice interface 8 months ago
Deukhoofd 61e48a705a
Fixes for some things that can be null, adds functions for LearnedMove uses 8 months ago
Deukhoofd 0486c9cdfb
Fixes linking issue with angelscript 8 months ago
Deukhoofd 36b39ba3c4
Update PkmnLib to new functionality with capture mechanics 8 months ago
Deukhoofd cb3d3c74a1
Update to latest version of PkmnLib 9 months ago
Deukhoofd aaad311158
Clear cached species and forme when evolving a Pokemon. 11 months ago
Deukhoofd 07aac1b873
Add helper methods to be able to get Pokemon by ID faster 11 months ago
Deukhoofd 382cbf2673
Update to latest version of pkmnLib. 1 year ago
Deukhoofd d542e75cd1
Update to latest. 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 8369328719
Fixes issue where HeldItem string in PokemonBuilder could be empty. 1 year ago
Deukhoofd a59f73b2f6
Rework misclibrary gettime to not segfault 1 year ago
Deukhoofd c2d846c2f6
Dont trigger event functions if the passed pointer is nil 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 6ecbae0370
Support clearing a battle on demand 1 year ago
Deukhoofd dc79ed6e46
Adds support for new evolution helper functions 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 3b25f8b415
Adds setter to IsEgg 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 74bd383093
Adds a bunch of evolution methods 1 year ago
Deukhoofd ecea85c26a
Fixes for SpeciesLibrary 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 26566a284b
Change PokemonBuilder interface to something cleaner 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 02afdbf479
Adds AllowedExperienceGain interface to Pokemon 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 919b486f69
Adds support for pokemon eggs 1 year ago
Deukhoofd 1153ad6034
Updates to latest pkmnlib 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 02c812a84b
Updates Windows native libraries. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 05b8dcebc4
Updates pkmnlib 2 years ago
Deukhoofd e1dadddf06
Fixes exception not showing c++ stacktrace in some cases. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 3cb243175c
Fixes assert not throwing exceptions for PkmnLibAI, now always throws exceptions if non-zero response. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 12850e3771
Updates pkmnlib, adds wrappers for PkmnLib_ai 2 years ago
Deukhoofd ced4524737
Fixes ReadOnlyNativePtrArray.IndexOf returning invalid index. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 3a7edb2fc3
Updates CreatureLib, implements support for ItemUseScript. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd cbe5747d04
Fixes issue where getting battle from a pokemon could result in battle being in a deleted state. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 9f30f411cc
Adds ChangeStatBoostEvent, fixes issue where ExecutingMove would create default LearnedMove, instead of potential inheritor. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd d38338ddc3
Lock cache while using it in ReadOnlyNativeArray 2 years ago
Deukhoofd d5bbc18b1a
Fixes for scopedowner. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 7807ee9676
Adds ScopedOwner class, that disposes owned values when garbage collected. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 7e31bba05e
Support Windows. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 351465ec79
Reduce file sizes. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd bbc12f2754
Don't use C# 9 for now. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 8c8a8da39a
Further fixes for build. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd a1668cd374
Fixes build. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd ed7e655783
Fixes for clearing battle after it's finished. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd e9a3a70c13
Adds a setter to nickname for Pokemon. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 8d5f7f318f
Updates to latest pkmnlib, fixes issues. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 506f10b085
Adds switch and swap into event to party. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 813cf65331
Populate uninitialized PokemonBuilder fields before running several initializion methods. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd 385d70e5ed
Allow random to be passed to PokemonBuilder build function, if none is passed use a static fallback. 2 years ago
Deukhoofd c34d7960ab
Support for getting types on Pokemon. 2 years ago