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Deukhoofd 09773be617
Style fixes for tests
4 months ago
CInterface Style fixes 4 months ago
src Style fixes 4 months ago
tests Style fixes for tests 4 months ago
.clang-format Support flags for species and formes. 2 years ago
.clang-tidy More aggressive sanitization. Loads of integer definition fixes 6 months ago
.drone.yml Remove Valgrind build step for now, as Clang 14 does not support it. 5 months ago
.gitignore Implement held item scripts 7 months ago
CMakeLists.txt Force LTO for mold 4 months ago
CPM.cmake Switch to CPM for dependency management 8 months ago
angelscript.supp Reverts memory alignment thing in ConstString, as it appears to cause issues down the line 6 months ago
sanitizer_ignores Initial work on WebAssembly script provider 5 months ago