A collection of helper classes for the Epsilon project.
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Deukhoofd b324cfdd00
Use mold if available as linker
4 months ago
CInterface Adds pedantic-error flag, work on making source more aligned with ISO C++ 6 months ago
src Potential fix for strange new error in clang 14 5 months ago
tests Style fixes. 5 months ago
.clang-format Tweaks and fixes for Assert 3 years ago
.clang-tidy Reworked memory model. 2 years ago
.drone.yml Remove valgrind build step on CI for now 5 months ago
.gitignore Fixes Windows issues 1 year ago
CMakeLists.txt Use mold if available as linker 4 months ago
CPM.cmake Moves extern dependencies to CPM 8 months ago
Doxyfile Documents the C Interface. 2 years ago
LICENSE Adds License 2 years ago